Examination rules for students of General Medicine

Rules for performance of examination at the Institute of Biology and Medical Genetics in the subject Biology and Genetics 2 (B80360)

Specifying the examination dates

Final examination is required for completion of the subject Biology and Genetics 2 (B80360) in the winter semester.

The examination dates will be set during the regular examination period of the winter semester and in the first two weeks of the summer semester. Sufficient number of examination dates including the preterm were announced in the 4th week of the semester. All dates are entered in the SIS, together with the information specifying the start of registration and the deadlines for (un)registraion.

The examination dates (also called “terms”) will be set within the following periods:

  •  Pre-term will take place on January 14th, 2019: students are eligible to register for pre-term after fulfilling the study obligations necessary for obtaining the credit.
  •  Terms in the regular examination period of the winter semester (i.e. from January 21st to February 15th, 2019).
  •  Terms in the first two weeks of the summer semester (i.e. from February 20th to 28th, 2019).
  •  During the second half of March, further terms will be announced for the regular examination period of the summer semester, for the summer holiday time (second half of August), and for the second part of the regular examination period (beginning of September), but not later than September 10th, 2019. This number of dates will be definitive.

Rules for registration for exams and cancellation.

The start of registration for specific examination dates will be entered in SIS, and it will be different in particular groups of terms.

For the pre-term and regular terms, registration is possible from the 8th week on (starting November 26th, 2018, 6 p.m.). For the terms in the summer semester, registration will be possible from February 15th , 2019, 6 p.m.

Registration for particular examination dates (“terms”) will be possible up to 2 days prior to the date of the exam.

Cancellation of the registration for the preterm will be possible till  Saturday, January 12th, 2019 (10 p.m.). Cancellation of the registration for the regular terms will be possible up to 3 working days prior to the date of the exam.

Registration for an exam is not conditional upon obtaining the credit but taking the exam is, apart from the credit in the given subject, also limited by completion of any subject that is specified as a (pre)requisite. A student who fails to meet the given requisites will be deleted from the list for the term before examination, of which he/she will be informed by e-mail. This deletion will not reduce the number of terms further available for the student. A student can only take the exam if registered for the term in SIS, and when all requisites for the exam have been met.

Requirements for obtaining the credit are: 1) attendance at the practical training (2 absences are tolerated if properly excused due to serious reasons, plus 1 unexcused absence); 2) passing (meeting the point limits) of two written tests during the semester and the credit test written in the 14th or 15th week of the semester. Each test can be completed only 3 times.

Failure to turn up for examination and apology (updated for academic year 2018/2019).

The student who fails to turn up for the examination that he/she has registered for without prior apology, forfeits the examination term without receiving  a mark. 

After forfeiting an examination term, the student can register for another examination date. Belated apology can be accepted only in case of serious and documented circumstances. The guarantor of the subject decides on the appropriateness of the apology (see Rules of Study at the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University). The student must apologise to the principal teacher of the subject (or to the person authorized by the latter) in writing or in electronic mail, giving and substantiating the reasons for the apology. The guarantor of the subject can request specification of the apology or its reasons if he/she finds the apology insufficient.


A student can take an examination in a subject for three times as a maximum, i.e. the student is entitled to two re-examinations, and no extraordinary terms beyond that are allowed (Regulations, Article 6, Subsection 16). However, if the student does not exploit the above options within the set examination dates, this does not entitle him/her to a special date of examination to be appointed for him/her personally (ibid.). No more examination dates (“terms”) will be set. Further, no examinations can be taken after the end of the second part of the regular examination period in September, or after the last term announced.

Rules pertaining to the course of examination.

The final examination from Biology and Genetics 2 comprises the introductory written test (time limit 1 hour); when the limit of 10 correct answers for 15 questions is achieved, oral exam follows. The student draws a triplet of exam questions and is entitled to 15-20 minutes of preparation, and then takes the exam. Exam questions and recommended study materials are published using SIS and the web page of the Institute.

October 26th, 2018

Prof. Ondřej Šeda, M.D., Ph.D.

Head of Institute of Biology and Medical Genetics


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