Skupina genové regulace

Vedoucí: Ing. Tomáš Vacík, Ph.D.

Our research is focused on elucidating the molecular mechanisms behind various cellular processes involved in transcriptional regulation, epigenetics and chromatin structure. We are using mainly molecular biology methods and in silico approaches to study the function of various nuclear chromatin regulating proteins and of their frequently overlooked alternative isoforms. Since misregulation of various alternative intronic promoters is known to be associated with developmental defects and human diseases, we are interested in finding out more about regulation of selected intronic promoters and about the consequences of their misregulation with respect to cell pluripotency, differentiation and development. We are also interested in finding out more about regulation and function of constitutive heterochromatin and in new functions of already well described epigenetic histone modification marks. Our biological models include pluripotent and differentiating stem cells and the model organism C. elegans.

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