Current Methods in Cell Biology (B81289)


The one week practical course „Current Methods in Cell Biology“ (course B81289) will take place from February 11  to February 15, 2019. The aim of the course is to make foreign and Czech students (of the 2nd - 6th year of the Masters study programme) familiar with important methods used in cell biology. The course is convenient for students as it should help the future graduates in their career in latoratory and/or clinical medicine as well as possibly in basic research. The students will learn the methods of cultivation of cells, fluorescent and confocal microscopies, immunocytochemistry, in situ hybridization, cell transfections, GFP technologies, mitotic spreadings, microinjections, electron microscopy, correlative microscopy, nanoparticles, isolation of RNA, restriction analyses, and PCR amplification.

The course will take place in the Institute of Biology and Medical Genetics, First Faculty of Medicine, Albertov 4, Prague 2. The course will encompass 5 days, every day from 8.30 up to 16.30 hours (including 45 minutes lunch). The course will be taught in English.

The first day of the course (Monday, February 11), it is necessary that the students come already at 8.15 hours in the seminar room number 1071 situated  in the Purkyne Building, Albertov 4. The students are asked to bring with them a white laboratory coat.

Teaching experiments will be performed in groups of students. Interestingly, the favourite part of the course encompasse 10 - 15 min PowerPoint presentations by a relevant group of students at the end of the course. In the presentations, the students show and comment the results obtained.

Maximal number of students in the course is 20. For granting the credit, the student attendance of the course is necessary, including the PowerPoint presentations at the very end of the course.

For questions  relevant  to this course contact Dusan Cmarko at    

Poster B81289

Reccommended Literature:

1. Bruce Alberts et al.: Molecular Biology of the Cell (6th Edition), 2014, Garland Science

2. Bruce Alberts et al.: Essential Cell Biology (4th Edition), 2013, Garland Science


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