Practical excercises

Winter semester 2018/2019

Second year students of General Medicine

"Round auditorium" of the Institute of Biology (Albertov 4, 1st floor, right wing)

Day Hour Group Teachers
Tuesday 14:15-16:30 51, 52 Krupková, Musil
Wednesday 14:15-16:30 53, 54 Křenová, Liška, Korabečná
Thursday 14:15-16:30 55, 56 Panczak, Šípek
Schedule of winter semester practical exercises in 2018/2019
Week Dates Topic Prepared by
1 Oct 2 - Oct 4 Repetition of the most important tasks from the summer term dr. Panczak, dr. Šípek
2 Oct 9 - Oct 11 Molecular Genetics I. DNA, RNA, proteins, and DNA variability assoc. prof. Liška, dr. Urbanová, dr. Kleiblová
3 Oct 16 - Oct 18 Molecular Genetics II. PCR, Sanger sequencing, direct DNA diagnostics assoc. prof. Liška, dr. Urbanová, dr. Kleiblová
4 Oct 23 - Oct 25
Molecular Genetics III. Next-generation sequencing, direct DNA diagnostics continued
assoc. prof. Liška, dr. Urbanová, dr. Kleiblová
5 Oct 30 - Nov 1
Molecular Genetics IV. Indirect DNA diagnostics
assoc. prof. Liška, dr. Urbanová, dr. Kleiblová
6 Nov 6 - Nov 8
Test I: Molecular genetics.
Introduction to population genetics, Forensic human identification
assoc. prof. Liška, dr. Panczak, dr. Šípek, prof. Korabečná
7 Nov 13 - Nov 15 >Population Genetics I. Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, selection, and mutation dr. Panczak, dr. Šípek
8 Nov 20 - Nov 22 Population Genetics II. Migration, small populations, genetic drift dr. Panczak, dr. Šípek
9 Nov 27 - Nov 29
Test II: Population Genetics.
Immunogenetics I: histocompatibility systems, transplantation principles
dr. Panczak, dr. Šípek, assoc. prof. Křenov, á
10 Dec 4 - Dec 6 Immunogenetics II: Microscopical preparations demonstrating syngenic and alogenic transplantations of skin, kidney and tumor tissues. HLA - disease associations. assoc. prof. Křenová
11 Dec 11 - Dec 13 Developmental Genetics, Teratogens assoc. prof. Liška
12 Dec 18 - Dec 20 Tumor Genetics assoc. prof. Křenová
13 Jan 2 and Jan 3* Principles of the genetic counselling, risk evaluation, indication of preventive measures. dr. Kotlas
14 Jan 8 - Jan 10 Test III: All topics. Repetion of previous tests. dr. Kotlas
15 Jan 15 - Jan 17 Credits. Repetion of all tests. dr. Kotlas

* Tuesday practicals are cancelled on New Year. For schedule adjustment, refer to your teacher.

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