Lectures - winter semester 2021-2022

Biology and Genetics 2, winter semester 2021-2022


online at MS Teams Team B83121 Biology and Genetics 2 (General Medicine, 2nd year), channel "Lectures"

Week Date Topic Lecturer
1 Sep 29 Mutations and their repair mechanisms prof. Šeda
2 Oct. 6 Methods of DNA analysis, gene mapping, DNA libraries, functional genomics assoc. prof. Liška
3 Oct. 13 DNA diagnostics, direct, indirect, impact on medicine assoc. prof. Liška
4 Oct. 20 Gene manipulations, gene therapy, its perspectives assoc. prof. Liška
5 Oct. 27 Molecular basis of genetic diseases dr. Šípek
6 Nov 3 Population Genetics, population equilibrium, factors influencing equilibrium, consanguinity, small populations, medical relevance dr. Panczak
7 Nov. 10 Immunogenetics I - genetics of alloantigenic make up of organisms (blood groups, HLA) dr. Panczak
8 Nov. 17 National holiday - NO LECTURE
9 Nov. 24 Immunogenetics II - immune response genetics dr. Panczak
10 Dec 1 Genetic programming of ontogenesis assoc. prof. Liška
11 Dec. 8 Teratogenesis - teratogens, prevention and diagnostics of congenital defects dr. Šípek
12 Dec. 15 Oncogenetics I - genetic characteristics of tumor cells, protooncogenes dr. Kleiblová
13 Jan 5 Oncogenetics II - tumor supressor genes, mutator genes, presymptomatic diagnostics of cancer dr. Kleiblová
14 Jan. 12 Medical genetics, impact on medicine dr. Panczak
15 Jan. 19 Gene expression in its normal state and in pathology assoc. prof. Cmarko


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