Biology and Genetics - lectures

Winter semester 2018-2019

Big Auditorium of the Purkyně Institute (Albertov 4)

Wednesday 12.30-14.00

Winter semester lectures - schedule
Week Date Topic Lecturer
1 Oct. 3 Mutations and their repair mechanisms prof. Šeda
2 Oct. 10 Molecular basis of genetic diseases prof. Šeda
3 Oct. 17 Methods of DNA analysis, gene mapping, DNA libraries, functional genomics assoc. prof. Liška
4 Oct. 24 DNA diagnostics, direct, indirect, impact on medicine assoc. prof. Liška
5 Oct. 31 Gene manipulations, gene therapy, its perspectives assoc. prof. Liška
6 Nov. 7 Population Genetics, population equilibrium, factors influencing equilibrium, consanguinity, small populations, medical relevance dr. Panczak
7 Nov. 14 Immunogenetics I - genetics of alloantigenic make up of organisms (blood groups, HLA) dr. Panczak
8 Nov. 21 Immunogenetics II - immune response genetics dr. Panczak
9 Nov. 28 Genetic programming of ontogenesis prof. Křenová
10 Dec. 5 Teratogenesis - teratogens, prevention and diagnostics of congenital defects dr. Šípek
11 Dec. 12 Oncogenetics I - genetic characteristics of tumor cells, protooncogenes prof. Křenová
12 Dec. 19 Oncogenetics II - tumor supressor genes, mutator genes, presymptomatic diagnostics of cancer prof. Křenová
13 Jan. 2 No lecture
14 Jan. 9 Medical genetics, impact on medicine dr. Panczak
15 Jan. 16 Gene expression in its normal state and in pathology assoc. prof. Cmarko
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